Leaving a race early

Just like in real life bike races, if I’m not in contention for a placing in a race, or have been working for someone else and have sat up in the final km’s, I’ve been ending my ride before the finish line. Yesterday there were 30km left of a long race and, frankly, riding for nearly an hour on my own (including once more up the Volcano) after the race disappeared up the road wasn’t a good idea.

I appreciate that means that no results will appear in ZP - fair enough, I DNF’d - but it would be good if the the previous 50km where I was pushing 5w/kg could be utilised to keep my ZP profile up-to-date.

Do I have that right? I need to actually cross the finish line for anything to count towards my ZP profile?

You’ll normally be listed under the Live tab which has the non-finishers at the end (TdF group rides not included). You also get your fit file loaded up under Activities, but no stats.

Thanks for the reply. What’s the ‘live’ tab? You mean in ZP?

The activity is in my Zwift activities (on Zwift website/app) but not in ZP. The race yesterday isn’t showing on ZP anywhere.

I wonder if it makes a difference if, in the race when I climb off, I click ‘Quit Event’ or just hit menu and save the ride. I did the 2nd one yesterday.

OK, so if an event isnt showing up in ZP then the support team should be able to help (support.zwift.com). Hopefully @James_Zwift may be able to make it appear, if he is lurking. You’ll need to provide the event details including time and timezone. ZP has had a few events go missing lately but most seem to reappear after a bit of a kick.

Once the event(s) are listed, yes, the Live tab is accessible when viewing the event results (see below). When finishing an event/race early, just hit Menu > Save Ride. That will ensure its saved everywhere it needs to be.

@jamesbailey is always lurking

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In order for your event to show up in Zwiftpower you have to cross the finish line. This is because the game sends Zwiftpower an event finish notification so that it knows to include you in the results.

Otherwise, your effort show appear in the live tab, which will give limited information about the effort that you put out.

Thanks James. How do I locate an event in the past? My ‘Activity’ list doesn’t have it, only those events/races where I’ve completed/crossed the finish line - though I’ve updated etc.

And does that limited info actually have any impact on my ZP profile/power data? If not, it’s a lot of effort wasted!

Afraid it doesn’t have any bearing on your race data - can only suggest that if you’re backing out that you just take it easy to the end of the race.

If you click on Events and then Results (just beneath) it’ll show you the historical results that should include the event you took part in.

Or tell me what it was called and the time and date and I’ll find it for you.

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