Can You add my last race on Zwift to Zwiftpower?

Yesterday I did a race and I finished first.
After finish line I was toasted
I ended the game, I couldn’t get any further.
Now it seems that I had to cycle further to go a cross te event line (Zwift banner)

Now its not on ZP and I am even not in any results.

I took a Jersey and had several primes!

Is it possible to add my race to ZP?
Or is it an activity down the drain?

Kind regards
Dylan van der Westen

Hi Dylan - you are listed in the “Live” results as a non-finisher. Normally people who abandon races get listed there but it can also be due to ZP not receiving all the race data. Unfortunately nothing can be done about it.

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Yes that’s correct, event finish was 400 meter earlier and I was toasted.
Thats why I exited the event because I thought I was done.
Sorry to hear nothing can do about it.

At least I had a great race with lo of orimes and a great “finish”

Merry Christmas :+1:

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