Leaderboards - black letters?

I noticed that sometimes some of the names in the leaderboards have black letters, usually though they are white and turn grey just before the time expires.  What’s up with these black letters?

Also a few weeks back I kept the reverse sprint/lap jersey for about 2 hours!  I didn’t log out but wasn’t riding after about 30 mins.  I may have been riding on and off - not sure.  Do these always expire after an hour, or could you hold it for longer if no-one contests for example.

Hi Dirk -

The names in the leaderboards do fade out as the time gets close to expiring, but I’m not sure I understand what you’re seeing when you say black letters. Can you please take a screenshot the next time you see it and post it here? You can take a screenshot through either the companion app, or using the F10 key.

It is possible that as you were riding you set new times on those segments, and when your first time expired, the new time was still the overall leader. Without looking at the log file from that ride, however, I can’t say for sure. If you still have the log file in Documents/Zwift/Logs with the date that matches that ride, you’re welcome to submit it in a ticket so we can take a look!