Leaderboards always open with no data

When not having the leaderboard on screen all the time, most of the time when it pops up, it just shows “no data” for the first ~5 seconds and only populates after that (of course “no data” is correct when there really is no data but this is not about that). It’s not like the place where the leaderboard is displayed should come up as a huge surprise, so it should not be too difficult to first refresh the data (a few seconds earlier than the leaderboard is displayed now) and only then actually display the leaderboard.

Maybe it’s related to this…


I’ve noticed some of the sprint leaderboards in Makuri now posting the top two overall times right away then 4-5 seconds later filling out with all the times…frustratingly though I don’t see any of my sprint PRs until I’ve already crossed the start line of a relatively short sprint segment.

Agree that things could populate sooner–if I’m not dedicatedly jersey-hunting that ride, it’s nice to know what the current leaderboard is and what my PR is well in advance so I can make my decision.

(TBH, the decision is usually ‘suicide pace’ to go for it, lol. But it would be nice to get that data in advance for all the segments.)

Nowadays I (almost?) never even see the two top times. I guess it might be that only the two best times overall are loaded initially, and the first leaderboard I see is either the PR or the female one (haven’t paid attention to the order so can’t say if they always pop up in the same order or if there is a 1/3 chance for each to be shown first). Anyway, first loading the data and then displaying it would certainly make sense.

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Agreed. Why show a blank list if changing the order would fix it?

My wife seems to be seeing both the overall and women’s leaderboard, at least for the last couple of sprint and kqom segments we’ve hit lately (we’ve been riding together a lot, we call it Speed Dating). I’ll try to keep an eye on her screen to see if that’s something that differs between segments.

Yeah, of course I still see the overall leaderboard as well, but I rarely notice it as being the first one shown.

Ah, gotcha, I misread you.