“no data” on leaderboard display Douce France

2021 AW X17 R1
64GB RAM, RTX 3080 (16 GB)
Windows 11 with all Windows and Dell/AW firmware updates

BT connection through Windows 11

Leaderboard data has been missing since the two recent back to back Zwift updates, except for the first (Ballon) sprint. Sometime after completing the Ballon sprint, the rotating leaderboard display disappears as expected, but is followed by a persistent fixed leaderboard with a “no data” message.

The ETs for the Aquaduct mini KOM, Pave and Marina sprints display normally in the data window at the top of the screen, along with the current 30 day PR for each, just no leaderboard data. Zwift also recognized new 30 day PRs for today’s Pave and Marina sprints.

Hi David @smoked

I’ve seen a few other reports of this issue and it’s been escalated to a higher technical authority on the Zwift team. We hope to have more information soon. Thanks for letting us know!

yeah, same issue.

Hi David @smoked

I’ve heard back from the team and confirmed that we have an official bug report in for this issue, and it’s with the developers to work on a fix. I’ve tagged this Forum thread with the bug report number for added visibility. Thanks again!

Thanks - the leaderboard is the only way to see prior sprint and KOM times

You can click on the coloured dot at the bottom of the blank leaderboard that corresponds to the segment you just passed through (shown on mini-map) and the times will show up.

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Thanks - I llll