Leaderboards Performance Updates [November 2021]

Hey Zwifters!

Today, we are making some changes to the way leaderboards retrieve and show data for their segments.

This will not alter the way the data looks or how the segment leaderboards are calculated, it will only change the method by which that information is retrieved and shown.

While this is primarily a back end change to help us improve performance, there may be some slight difference in the behavior of leaderboards moving forward.

Currently, leaderboards are completely blank and then suddenly are populated with all data once it’s received.

When this new change has taken effect you may notice something like this:

  • You would first see the leader of the board for a given segment
  • A second or two later, you would see an incomplete chunk of leaderboard data for that segment appear
  • Finally, after another second or two, the full leaderboard data would populate

Ultimately, this means that you may see the data load in chunks over a few seconds. The delay can be longer depending on the quality of your internet connection.

This behavior should also continue to become more smooth in the coming days as final tweaks are made.

We have noticed throughout testing that this is more noticeable in the first few minutes of a ride, and seems to get better over time.

These changes should not directly impact your gameplay, though they are designed to help the game run more smoothly over all.

If you notice anything significant with leaderboard behavior in the next couple of days, please let us know in the thread below.

Ride On. :ride_on:


Noted so.e of the Neokyo Sprint Leaderboards disappearing so quickly that riders feedback they cannot register their efforts.

Would Zwift be able to keep the boards up longer ie. 15 secs to 20secs after passing the arch?