Earlier Display For Some Sprint Leaderboards

Looked and didn’t find this particular issue in a post.

A number of the leaderboards for Sprint segments appear very close to the start of the sprint. I apologize that I don’t have a complete list at the moment, but I’ll add them here as I come across them now. I know that the Village Sprint in Makuri, and the Shisa Sprint, are ones where I’ve noticed this. There are times when the leaderboard pops up only after I’m past the start line.

I know I’m not alone in jersey hunting, and frankly ‘do I have a shot at this jersey’ affects how hard I’ll go for the sprint. And if you’re going for a sprint segment, you need to be up to speed before you hit the line. It would be a lot more useful to have that leaderboard up at least a few hundred meters before the start. Some are like that, others are not.

Is it based on a certain time before you reach the start? If you’re moving at 20kph, the leaderboard might come up well before the start. But if you’re ramping up for a sprint, not so much.

I’ve mentioned this in previous posts as well. Neokyo sprints are particularly bad. On the flip side longs climbs like Innsbruck you’re stuck looking at the leaderboard for the entire climb (which I think was new with PB bots). Lots of inconsistencies.

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Good point. For short ‘sprinter climbs’ (like Legsnapper), I’d say treat them like sprints. Let me know early.

For long climbs–I think it makes sense to display the leaderboard early, before you hit the bottom, but then tuck it away for a while. (But still tell me my ETA the whole time, which…that’s another issue :slight_smile:) But there’s a lot less urgency for the bottom of a mid/long KQOM than with a sprint.

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Not a solution, but a suggestion- you can set the leaderboards to always show, even if you’re not in a segment. Then it just cycles between the various segments in that world.
You can click the little orange, green, and red (etc.) circles at the bottom to go manually go to a different segment and look at the results (in Makuri you can click and drag/slide the circles, which helps you see the circles for the sprints you can’t see). Scroll through segments, identify prey, destroy. :smiley:

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I had thought about that–but that’s not a simple thing to turn on or off mid-ride (can that even be done?), and it’s a big bit of screen clutter that (except for a place like Innsbruck) would be useless most of the time. I like looking around at the fake world :slight_smile: Particularly in Makuri, where they’ve done such a good job with the environment.

But if that can be done mid-ride, and then turned back off…

I think you can turn it on and off without closing the app. You just have to go into the settings.
I get what you mean about the screen clutter it causes. It’s aggravating sometimes :joy:

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For me it ultimately comes down to a properly customizable HUD. There’s times I’d like to see the leaderboard and there’s times it just takes up too much screen real estate.


Yes, please. :slight_smile: