Leadboard for Leg Snapper disappears too quickly

Today was the first time I rode Innsbruck since the Leg Snapper became an official timed segment a few months back which I think was a very good idea.

However I noticed that the leaderboard on the right disappears within a few seconds of you crossing the line - if you’re not in the top fifteen, you don’t get to see where you placed because it hasn’t had a chance to scroll down before it vanishes and you definitely don’t get to see your time compared to previous attempts either.

Yes I know I could wait until the Sprint leaderboard appears a few seconds later and then try to click on the icon for the Leg Snapper times, but trying to reach for a mouse to do that in the middle of a race when your heart rate is through the roof because you’ve had to sprint up the climb to stay with the pack, is not a good idea!

Maybe we can delay the appearance of the Sprint leaderboard by about 30 seconds (after all, it shows up when you’re still 1.3km from the start of the sprint) to give us time to look at our times from the Leg Snapper first?