Leaderboard time expiry does not trigger automatic refresh

If you hold the two best current results for a given segment, the earlier result being better, and the first result expires after 60 minutes, instead of the latter time going to the top of the leaderboard, you disappear from the leaderboard altogether (and lose the corresponding jersey). Looks like crossing an intersection (or, I presume, making a U-turn (or two)) triggers a leaderboard refresh.

Yeah, the leaderboard has always been weirdly buggy. Time gaps vary by distance in some cases and speed in others. Riders up or down the hill when there are switchbacks suddenly show up in front or right behind you. Sometimes you’ll show up at the front or back of the pack when there’s 20 riders between you and the void. ZHQ will say the new Bugdate is going to fix some aspect of the leaderboard and it’s somehow worse. Then when called on it, they ignore the complaints.

This is like the fouled up group chat function…

Wrong side of the screen :slight_smile: That’s the nearby riders list (and indeed it is much more buggy in semi-predictable ways), I was talking about the segment leaderboards. I would have thought this would have been more difficult to screw up but I guess it didn’t get fixed properly when they fixed the only-latest-time-valid bug. (While we’re at it, here’s also a bug where the finish time shown on screen is slightly different from the time that ends on the leaderboard…)

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Hi @Anna_Ronkainen

Within the last month or so, I’ve had some discussions with a higher technical authority on the team, and it was explained to me that various buggy behaviors seen on the leaderboards are expected to be addressed as the team plans to implement a redesign of sorts for leaderboards in general. As with most issues, I don’t have a time frame but as I understand it this is being worked on.


Thanks for the info, tbh I didn’t think this was all that important and didn’t expect this to be addressed anytime soon and was reporting this mainly for housekeeping purposes, but always happy to be positively surprised.

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Fixing these issues would be spectacular! :boom:

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