Le Col Jersey kit and the fluoro jersey kit not unlocked


I made Le Col event today, the metric century one and I finished it but I don’t have the Le Col jersey kit. As long as I’m here, I take the opportunity to say that by going to level 16, I have not unlocked the fluoro jersey kit.

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Amaury Preillon

+1, same issue here with no access to the kit. is there anything else to do than the ride to unlock it?


me too… so sad :frowning:

some of the level unlocks have changed, level 16 is now some glasses which you may have already had.
I just hit level 21 and I got some flouro kit

the change in unlocks means there are some levels where you don’t get anything anymore and I think 16 was one of those

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Thanks, indeed, I already noticed that some of the level unlocks have changed as it is the case for some of the ones below level 10 already…
But it is quite annoying for the Le Col kit. Or maybe it has been unlocked but I’m missing something…

No Le Col Jersey kit here either :frowning:

Did the 40km and is level 14

Didn´t get the Le Col jersey either, would be great if someone who got it could reply with their lvl and wich mileage they did.

I got it with the metric ride (100k) and my level is 28.

I did the Quarter Mile (Cat C) and got the Kit after exactly 25mi / ~41km or 4 laps of Watopia Flat.
Lvl 25.
But the Level don’t have anything to do with it.

I did the Quarter Mile as well. Level 7, but indeed the level should not be relevant. Just one question, does the unlocking appear as highlight of the activity when you look at it in the Companion App?

Is there anyone from zwift support who reads messages here ? Maybe, he can help us.

No, I have the activity in Companion. I can see the standing with my name. But, I don’t have the unlock jersey icon.

I checked the companion app and i am in the result list, i did unlock the camo jerseys since i hit lvl 11 during the ride but that shouldnt interfer with getting the le col jersey? I´m glad some of you got their jerseys tho :slight_smile:

I am level 18 and I finished B (100km) and although in Companion is unlocked, unfortunately the Le col kit is not available on Zwift, too bad :frowning:

same here

I contacted support because I didn’t recieve the le col jersey or 30%.

I took a look into your Zwift account information. I can see that you were using the ‘Tarmac Pro TT Bike’ and it was not allowed to participate in the Le Col New Year’s Day Century Celebration event​. Please view the event page​ and scroll to the bottom of the page and press ‘Toggle Event Details’. You’ll see listed there that by the ‘Rules Set: No TT Bikes Late Join Show Race Results’

I sent a reply. I didn’t know the tarmac pro was a time trial bike. I thought it was a road bike. I didn’t late start either.

Im waiting to see what is going on. So if you used the tarmac pro or maybe they flagged other non TT bikes too.

I used the Tarmac Pro. It is not listed as an TT bike as far as I can see. Thanks for contacting support. Please keep us updated.

Edit: I used the Tarmac (not the pro). I contacted support also and they said they would manually open the jersey for me.

I’ve contacted them as well as there is clearly a bug somewhere… I was using the Zwift regular carbon bike. The thing is that the “badge” for unlocking the jersey does not even appear in my companion, even though I’m in the list of finishers of the event, etc…

I finished B (100km) but I have not gotten the Jersey!

I used Tarmac Pro but it isn’t a TT frame. There’s drafting effect with it and other things that doesn’t happen with TT frames.