Launcher on Windows 10, Bugs, two accounts, password

Hello I report this issues again because it’s very annoying:
The launcher didn’t work as it should. Following points:

  • the window does not start in front; an already opened firefox window covers the later started zwift
  • sometimes the launcher is blank (white) and has to restarted several times, sometimes has to be killed by the task manager
  • the passwords for the accounts are not stored although “remember login” is marked
  • we use two accounts and the switch needs many clicks and keyboards input every time;
    why you are not able to provide a preconfigured setup for two accounts which allows to start with an account with one click. I’ve seen this behavior on a tablet in zwift long time ago.
  • the heartrate sensor is remembered if the last login was the same account. Here it would be nice to remember the last two heartrate sensors for automatic detection to speedup the start even more.

I reported this issues at least 5 times in the last year!
I want to say that we have two acounts since more than 3 years which leads to payments of more than 1000 Euro. This is enough to buy more than one high end game with lifetime support and all extras!

best regards,

FYI, there is a new launcher that you need to manually update, not sure if it will fix your issues other than the white screen?

I did the update manually.
same effekt → white window → have to restart the computer.
As far as I remember this problem did not exist half year ago.
“remember me” at the login window still did not work too. :frowning:
very frustrating!
At least the window appears in front of the firefox. very small advantage.

I really don’t understand this. The developers created a very cool 3D environment, online and realtime software and then it lacks at the login screen. This is like building a very cool car which fits all requirements of the customers but nobody can open the doors.

Hi @StephanR

This is quite a few issues you’ve reported, but I’ll do my best to address them all.

  1. Are you running Zwift in Windowed or Full Screen mode? If Zwift isn’t opening “in front” of other apps (e.g. your Mozilla Firefox browser), I have to wonder if switching the app to Full Screen mode will suffice as a workaround. Give it a try and you’ll find more info in this article.

  2. As Mike already mentioned, the “White Screen Launcher” issue should be fixed now with a recent game update.

  3. As far as I know, Zwift switched to using MS Edge as the default browser for the Zwifter launcher, so if “Remember Login” isn’t working, I have to wonder if it has something to do with your MS Edge settings. Check out this Microsoft article for info on “Save or Forget passwords in MS Edge”. Maybe it’ll help.

  4. It sounds like yours is a request that the computer version of Zwift be more intuitive or user friendly in terms of support for multiple users who share the device to run Zwift. This seems like a reasonable request, but not a bug, so I’d suggest you bring it up in the Feature Requests section of the Forums if you haven’t already done so. There might already be topics speaking to the same issue, so feel free to give it a search and upvote any you find or post a new one so others can upvote it.

  5. Regarding your heart rate sensor issue, see my answer for #4 above.

Hope that helps!

Hello Steven,

thank you for the fast answer.
Unfortunately none of the problems is gone.

  1. The launcher window opens in background behind the firefox. Sometimes the window freezes and I have to restart or kill with the taskmanager or restart the machine.
  2. Evertime we login we have to enter the passwords. I checked the Edge preferences and the two accounts are listet in the “save passwords” list but it does not work. I deleted the entries and reentered the accounts at the login screen but it does not work.
  3. sometimes the launcher window is still white although I updated zwift manually.
  4. The comfortable usage with two account is’nt really a new feature request because this is implemented for tablets (I think android) since years! And because the zwift team forces the users to create and pay two accounts in one family I expect that this is supported by the software!
  5. Yes this seems to be a feature request. But since I requested this since years many time via email I decided to repeat this in the forum. I think this should not be a problem and of course is the expected behavior of such a software!

Thank you,

The launcher doesn’t rely on any browser any more, it runs in its own instance of WebView2. This is Edge-based, but the settings in Edge itself are irrelevant (unlike when it was based on Internet Explorer), and this is why password saving etc doesn’t work and deleting the cookies etc in Edge doesn’t log you out.


Hi @StephanR

You’re welcome, however, I’m sorry to hear that none of your issues have been resolved.

The white screen launcher was reportedly fixed in a recent update but since it’s not fixed for you specifically, it might be best that you contact Zwift technical support and one of our agents will be happy to help you.

We should also be able to address the issue of the Zwift app freezing at launch. I don’t understand why Firefox has anything to do with it, and so I can only assume the app freezes are caused by something else.

As for the passwords not saving, assuming what Dave says is true about launcher no longer being browser reliant and instead using a stand-alone instance of WebView2, it’s possible there is as yet no solution for the “save passwords” issue. We should still be able to reach out to the team and try to get more info about it.

You can contact Zwift support here.

I’ve observed that Zwift is generally very similar on the various device platforms that are supported to run the app (e.g., PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or Apple TV) but there are also some differences as well depending on which device(s) you use. You’ve identified one of those differences in the fact that the computer version of Zwift doesn’t allow one to store cached login data for multiple different Zwift users on the same Windows user account.

I’m not sure if you’ve tried it yet, but maybe the solution would be that others using Zwift on the same computer should try using the app on their own unique Windows user account profile. Since Windows tends to separate app data between different user accounts, this might be something that could help you.

That being said, your remaining two issues still seem to be feature requests. Anything that isn’t a bug per se is more suitable for a feature request. True, some feature requests (like yours) are older and I can understand any resulting disappointment that they haven’t been implemented yet, but thanks for sharing them nonetheless. I’ll try to find any posts you’ve made about these issues in the Feature Requests section of the Forums and upvote them.

There are several reports of white screens even with the new 1.1.2 launcher. I have seen it a couple of times myself and have collected some console logs and other evidence of problems with loading the necessary scripts and stylesheets (hence the white screen), via DevTools. Reach out via DM if you/your developers are interested.


Hi @Jesper_ZwiftHacks

I appreciate the offer to help! I’ve reached out to the team for some guidance on this matter and we’ll get back to you. Thanks!