Latest update - Something went wrong. Please try restarting Zwift

Cleared all cookies in both chrome and edge, full re install bullshit and eventually it has started. Zwift need to sort this rubbish out. Then it crashed again. FFS, Zwift, what is going on.

you need to clear IE (Internet explorer)


Just encountered the same error. As above, clearing IE (not Chrome or Edge) solves the issue.


Thanks, yes that worked. Weird as it was previously loaded on Chrome.

It doesn’t matter which browser you used to install Zwift.

Zwift’s launcher uses IE to start the game, although you don’t actually see IE pop up.

As of yesterday clearing IE cache/cookies worked.
As of today there is a patch they pushed out and I can no longer get in even after clearing cache/cookies and restarting. It applies the update and then lands on the “Something went wrong. Please try restarting Zwift” error.

just applied the patch on my Mac. No issues and was able to start Zwift a couple of times without any issues.