Latest update for Mac

Downloaded latest version this am, all sensors show as connected , (use a Wahoo kicker C3A1). Go to ride and when pedalling avatar doesn’t move, and only sensor giving me a reading is heart rate (garmin). Everything was fine last week so am assuming its something to do with recent update by Zwift. Hope I am not the only person having this issue. BTW on the Wahoo app it shows all sensors working.

Which version have you downloaded?

Hi @Peter_Hobson

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your server logs and your Macbook is still on game version 1.58.2. It has not been updated to 1.59 yet, so the issue is not with the latest version that’s in phased rollout this week.

What I did notice is between February 12 and Feb 15 - it looks like your Mac may have had an OS update? When macOS updates - it resets per-app permissions to the default (more restrictive) settings. Please try the things covered in this support article, and let us know if things return to normal?

No Joy. Disconnected blue tooth. shut down computer, and now cannot reconnect trainer to bluetooth. Oh well. Have to go now, and will try when i get some more time. BTW on my mac some of the suggested moves for blue tooth do not work. ie library/preferences/byhost, all i get is no folder exists and the next section for debugging bluetooth we get nothing like that