Rider Not Moving In Game

Very Frustrated and no one at Zwift is responding to Chat, tech support, or phone!

Have been using Zwift for 2 yrs and worked fine. Today, I log in, App finds my Kinetic Smart trainer, but my avatar does not move (No Watts or speed being picked up).

Bluetooth is connected, Internet is fine. Not sure what’s going on.

Do’t have hours to wait for someone on Zwift chat to respond.

Any ideas?

hi @Ed_P

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We will need more information to be able to assist. Like what device you use.

My first assessment is that something else is connected to the trainer via Bluetooth. Bluetooth can only talk to one device at a time.

Thanks Gerrie
Running Zwift on Macbook Pro using Big Sur.

Trainer is Kinetic Smart Road.

Do you need more info?

Try this:

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Unfortunately was not helpful.

Bluetooth had already shown I was connected to the device (Kinetic DB:B9) previously and again now.

I also unpaired any other bluetooth device, restarted computer and Zwift…and powered off trainer

Any other thoughts out there?

can you unpair the trainer from the Mac OS, then start up Zwift and let Zwift take over the connection?


Not sure why Mike, as I’ve done that 5 or 6 times throughout today with no luck…however, during this restart I can now see watts displaying on the pairing screen. So odd.

Now going to see if it actually works in the game on a course.

Now works. Makes no sense why…but it does

behold… the power of prayer! :pray: :pray:


Oh…I wasn’t praying. I can tell you that!