Trouble with bluetooth since recent update?

 Anyone else having trouble with connecting to bluetooth since recent update?  I am on a MacBook Pro OS 10.12.2.  Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Trainer, Wahoo speed/cadence, Wahoo heart monitor.  Changed batteries on everything but still super slow finding the connection and requiring computer restarts.  

We’ve been looking into issues related to Sierra and BLE, but we haven’t found anything conclusive yet. If there is something we can fix on our side, it will likely go out in a game update, and we’ll notify everyone via the forums when that goes out.

Thanks for the report!

Replaced batteries on all the sensors and that seemed to do the trick. 

I also have problems with connecting my BLE sensors to zwift after update. Sometimes it works after a hour (or more) of waiting, sometimes it don’t… I also changed batteries and still no changes

My Zwift cant find my Elite turbo muin realtour anymore. Has it been updates affecting ant+ dongles? seem it stop working, anyone else having the same problem?

Macbook pro 2009 with Garmin ant+ dongle, El capitan OSX