Macbook: can't connect Bluetooth HR or Power after updates

Currently running High Sierra OS, Assioma power pedals, and a Wahoo HR monitor. I also have a Wahoo KICKR but I haven’t tried pairing it since I started having this issue this morning.

I followed the instructions at this forum post “Bluetooth pairing not working after macOS Big Sur update [SOLVED]”

And the Zwift troubleshooting for cycling topic “Resolving Mac BLE Pairing Issues After an Update”

I’d link those but it won’t let me post this with links in the body.

No luck with any of those steps. I ended up wasting an hour on it this morning then just rode using the Zwift iOS app on my iPhone. I have no issues connecting my devices on the iPhone, and when trying to pair to the Macbook I turned off BT on the phone to make sure that’s not the problem.

I’ve searched finder, deleted anything I could find with “zwift” in the title, and reinstalled the app about 7 times now. Am I missing something? Something I did find strange is that even after a reinstall, the Zwift launcher remembers my login.


Ok, fixed now (a couple of hours later)

I followed the steps on the MacOS Guide “Bluetooth not working with High Sierra? Here’s how to fix it…”

I think it was deleting the bluetooth preferences (last step), but I also turned off “handoff” at the same time, so I’m not sure which worked.