Laggy / Jerky graphics

This morning…around 11am I noticed that the in game graphics were slightly stuttering…jerky…not smooth on my apple 4k tv (64gb) setup. At the time I did notice there were between 13k-17k riders online. I put this stuttering down to server load.
My wifi speed is fine and I’m using s good quality hdmi cable. I only tend to see this in game graphic stuttering when I notice there is a really high volume of riders online. Am I right this is a server issue and if so is it a common issue with big numbers?

This must have been a server issue as I did the Team Ineos ride at 3pm which had around 4k riders and that was fine.

Ok…if this is a server issue…anyone know what the magic number is? I.e. the number of zwifters that have to be riding for the stuttering to appear…I.e. the point at which the servers begin to struggle? 10k…15k?

I’m not quite sure how it works. If it was purely a server capacity issue, then the INEOS group ride which had 15k people this weekend should have been an absolute nightmare.

Tonight I got low performance while doing a race in the London world, Surrey Hills route. I think the whole event was less than 150 people. It wasn’t even one of the guest worlds, so not a lot of people in total, so server capacity shouldn’t be the problem (unless worlds that are not Watopia or the guest worlds get significantly less capacity assigned, which is possible).

In this case the fps drops occur in the same area each time, so I suspect it is a different problem. Plus the whole app (I’m on Android) crashed later in the ride, first time that has happened.