Kurt Kinetic reports incorrect cadence

Hi all, we’ve replicated an issue in our labs that our community reported.

Symptoms: The Kurt Kinetic trainer is reporting incorrect cadence. It is much lower than the actual cadence. While pedaling 90+ rpms, it states that your at around 60 rpms.

Game build: 1.0.40555
Affected OS: AppleTV, MacOS

Thank you to those who’ve taken the time to report this issue, send logs, etc. We’re working on it!

Ride On!

Are you any closer to solving this problem

Is it just cadence that’s inaccurate or are other parameters - power / speed etc affected too

Hi @Ronan_McKeown
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This bug specifically seems to show incorrect cadence. Are you seeing blatantly inaccurate power / speed as well, or can you confirm cadence errors only?

When I see a resolution from the QA team, I’ll follow up here. Please bookmark this thread for your convenience.

This may be an issue with the Kinetic unit itself. A couple of months back I purchased a Kinetic Road Machine Control head (via Amazon) as an upgrade to my Road Machine’s fluid head. The install instructions told me to update the device’s firmware (FW) via the Kinetic Fit app. On the list of updates to the FW was disabling the unit’s cadence because of accuracy issues. The update did not go through because, iOS 13 broke their app’s ability to update the trainer.
Could not find a fix posted about the iOS problem. Called Kurt support (CS), left a message, sent an eMail, etc. Got fed up and packed the unit up the next night to send back. A few days later, Kurt CS contacted me about the iOS problem. “We posted it on our FB page”. It was buried on Kurt’s FB page. Should have been pinned to the top and on their support site. Too late, trainer was already picked up…
I got another brand smart trainer also added a cheap external cadence sensor to the crank arm.

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Seems like this is taking a while to fix so I spent the $30 and picked up a Wahoo Cadence sensor. Attaches easily in seconds, it connected before I could even read the instructions. Cadence is absolutely accurate now, 90rpm = 90rpm. Speed/power now more realistic.

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