KM to go in races is wrong

(Jurian) #1

In todays KCL we rode 37km. However, in the beginning it said 30km to go. Noticed it myself during riding, but also saw it on other streams.

The km ridden increased quicker than the km to go decreased. It can also be seen in this stream:

At the start 30.3 km to go, halfway 18.8km ridden+15.4km to go = 34.2km and at the end it is the correct 37.8 km ridden.

(Johnathan) #2

Was there a lead in? Those don’t count…

(David) #3

I have noticed it does that in other organised events too (TdZ and Fondo included). The mileage left shown on the HUD starts off quite a way short of the expected distance, then gets gradually closer and closer through the ride. It is a bit weird but I have just got used to it.

(Jurian) #4

No there wasn’t.

(Jurian) #5

Small differences don’t really matter, but in this case 30km or 38km really does make a difference.

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(Mike ) #6

I’ve also noticed that the distance remaining when in the last few hundred metres doesn’t correlate with the 100m, 200m, 300m signs on the side of the road.

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(Mike ) #7

Hopefully it’s clear. I’m by the 100m to go sign and the countdown says 61m.

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(Mike ) #8

The issue was present in today’s Zwift Medio Fondo too. At 39km in I had 30km to go. Yet the total distance was over 70km. Something is not right with the calculations.

(Jurian) #9

Does Zwift read these posts?

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(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #10

No they setup a forum so that they know where not to read. LOL

The fact that they did not reply to your post does not mean they do not read it.

This issue have been brought up before in other threads.

(Ole) #11

It happened to me as well yesterday in a race.
I knew the race should be 30 km long, but at the start the HUD said 26 km to go, but ended up being 30 km at the end.
There was no lead in.

(David) #12

I am an old fashioned kind of guy, and still using miles rather than km, but when I rode the Bambino Fondo yesterday, the quoted distance to go at the start line was 28.8 miles, but the actual distance of the ride was 32.4 miles. It was probably inside the last 3 miles before the distance to go on the HUD actually matched the distance to go on the (virtual) road.

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(Ricky) #13

Happened in the Chasing Cancellara ride on Tuesday. Slated for 37km…
There was a very short lead-in but with 1.2km ridden the progress bar was moving and showed 30.0km to go (total 31.2km)
Soon after the end of lap 1, 12.7km ridden, 20.2km to go (total 32.9km)
Lap 2, 24.8km ridden, 10.1km to go (total 34.9km)
A bit later 25.8km ridden, 10.0km to go (total 35.8km)
At the end 37.2km.

I knew it was planned to be ~37km so it’s no big drama, but why does it happen? And no doubt I’m not always aware of the planned total distance (or forget) so mid-way through might not know how far to go.

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(Mike ) #14

This is still an issue. Any word from Zwift about resolving this please?

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(Ricky) #15

Tour of Watopia stage 1, 26.0km to go from the start. Finishes at 29.9 (as expected for the route) :lying_face:

(Joseph) #16

I’ve been on Zwift for over a year and this problem has been there the whole time, how is this still an issue?!

(Johnathan) #17

It’s probably deemed less essential than a new paint job for the Zwift Aero Bike :wink:

(Mike ) #18

This is taken from someone’s video of Tour of Watopia - Stage 2. Distance to go with one lap remaining is 3.4km, when a lap is 4.2km as shown by the second photo total. Why is this even wrong? This is fundamental.

(Mike ) #19

Is anyone from Zwift going to acknowledge this? It’s very frustrating when doing a time trial not knowing exactly how far it is to the finish line, especially in those final few hundred metres. Don’t want to sprint too early.

How is it even possible that the distance to go is 10% out?? As you can see from these two screen grabs from the beginning and end of a 3 lap TT of Innsbruck

(Mike ) #20

I see no-one from Zwift has commented on this thread. When doing Tour of Watopia Stage 5 the distance to go counts up when go round the final turnaround, then gets stuck on 1.4km and then drops to 0.8km. Not good!