Kirk v5 now needs warm up. (sad face)

Wondering if anyone else has this problem with a Kikr V5…
for the past couple weeks, I’ve paired the trainer with no problem. But get low or zero watts when I start riding. I’ve rebooted computer, unplugged trainer and waited 30 sec to plug back in. Quit pace partner ride and re-joined repeatedly, quit Zwift and restarted… And just pedaled in the pens.
No matter what, it just seems to take a few minutes before I get a normal power reading and I feel resistance being sent to the trainer.
I’m running the trainer with the wired connection. (The problem persists when I switch to wireless)
Mac OS 12
Problem started around the time I got the Zwift Play controllers, but it happens with them left off.
So I _think_it is a problem with the trainer. Or with Zwift communication with trainer.
Not running the game on any other devices.

Once things finally “kick in,” I can Zwift as expected

How does it perform when you ride using the Wahoo Fitness app instead of Zwift? If you can easily replicate the problem there then you should be talking to Wahoo support. Their support is usually pretty good.

Have not tried that yet. I suppose I will soon.