Kinetic Smart Trainer (Bluetooth) and Garmin HR strap

After poor documentation from Kurt Kinetic - I’ve got Zwift and my new Rock and Roll Smart trainer working via internal Bluetooth on my Mac.  I had to remove the ANT+ dongle in order to get this working.  Now that I’ve removed the ANT+ dongle I no longer have HR (Garmin HR strap).  Does anyone have a recommendation on how to fix?  Can I run both ANT+ and BT together for separate connections?  Thanks Bry

You would need to put the ANT+ dongle back into the Mac to connect the Garmin HRM, you can still use Bluetooth for the trainer.

I just returned a Rock and Roll Smart Control after using it for a couple weeks. 

Trainer would connect to my Mac/Zwift via BlueTooth (as you noted). I plugged my ANT+ dongle in to the Mac and Zwift then connected my ANT+ Garmin Cadence/Speed sensor, no problem. (Necessary because without it the cadence given in Zwift is nonsense).

My HRM is BlueTooth so I couldn’t try your exact configuration, however my experience with the ANT+ dongle tells me that you should be able to use your HRM the same way.

The only thing to check is that Zwift connects to the correct sensors before you start. You may have to search for your HRM the first time but, after that, it should find it reliably.

I really liked the Rock and Roll “road feel” but I think the lack of native ANT+ is too limiting – e.g. can’t connect to my Garmin 520. 

But you should be OK; Ride On!