Mac, Ant, Bluetooth

I read a lot about the connection topics before i got my GeniusSmart, but now i can even tell something more:

Connection from MacBook Air to Tainer with Bluetooth worked perfect. I thought this would not be possible with a Mac/PC (i thought it is only working with iPhone/iPad/Mobile…)

Even in the RPM-Connection-Field the trainer is mentioned, but in game i have always 0 RPM (and so no animation of riding). But is is still working: The Power is fine. When i disconnect this device (disconnect RPM only), then the animation works, a virtual RPM is calculated.

I have an ANT heart-rate belt and an ANT cadence-sensor. Both from Garmin. I thought it will be easy to connect these two things. But: With the Gramin-ANT-Dongle it is not working. I know now why: Older dongles with a “USB1” mark in the back are not working. So i will buy a “Tacx antenna” or new dongle now and try again. My question: Is it possible to use BT (trainer) and ANT (sensors) together, or do i have to use ANT completely then?

One thing to the trainer: it was a genius before, the pre-owner installed the smart-upgrade-kit. Works perfect. I sat on the “smallest” tacx-trainer (flow smart) before: much better feeling on the genius and really not so loud.


You can mix ANT+ and Bluetooth without issue, if possible though I would use only ANT+.

Paul is correct: you can mix signals without issues.

As for your other point, there’s a bug we’re working on where cadence on Tacx smart trainers will drop to 0. We appreciate your patience as we get that sorted!

Hi, I have a Bkool Pro roller, which works with Ant +. in my old macbook it works perfectly, but in my new IMac, the Ant + does not detect it in the Controllable, and in the power source it does not detect my  Potentiometer … what can I do?