ANT+ unreliable while BT runs flawlessly?

Ok, my SO and I use the same trainer (kickr 2014) in the same corner of the appartement. Both on cadence/speed sensors from Magene (chinese amazon brand).

I run on a Dell XPS 13, win10 with a Wahoo tickR and all this run on bluetooth 5.2. The aNT+ dongle never worker on the laptop, and the connection never ever drops with my setup so why change it right?)

My SO has a macbook air from 2011, a Garmin Venu Sq for a HR, same cadence sensor and trainer. She cannot get a ANT+ connecxion to last more than 20 minutes. It constantly srews her trianing up cutting… uter garbage.

I checked with a WIFI analyzer app, and no wifi uses a channel lower than 36 around us so even if our router is less then 3ft away from the trainer, it’s not on the same channels so it should be fine…

I tried 2 amazon ANT+ dongles (about 30$ CAD) and both work like shite.

I’m going to try to update the dongle driver on the MAC (is there such a thing? I suck with Appel gadgets…) but other than that… what am I missing?

Thanks so much!

I have been using the Garmin ANT+ dongle in multiple MacBook Pros since 2015. No “dongle driver” required. I’ve had two issues:

  1. Dongle died. Bought a new dongle.
  2. Developed some intermittent issues. Replaced the USB extension cable.

If you’re not already using a USB extension cable, I highly recommend you get one. It allows you to move the ANT+ dongle closer to the trainer. Don’t go for the cheapest cable you can find. I’m not advocating the most expensive either, only saying that they’re not all created equal. Beware!

edit: One more thing, you can try running your log file thru Zwiftalizer which may or may not help you troubleshoot.

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Hi @Simon_Lynch2

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Sorry to hear that the ANT+ connection hasn’t been stable on the Mac. Seems like you’ve already done some basic troubleshooting, and the suggestions from Lin are good ones to try as well.

BLE pairing might be your best option on the Mac, however, if ANT+ continues to be problematic.

If you’d like us to take a look at the log files from the Mac, please send them to us in a support request, and we’re happy to provide you with a more in-depth analysis. Instructions on how to send us your log files can be found in this article.

You can contact our support team here.


I use the Garmin ant+ dongle which is pretty old and it runs flawlessly on Mac Pro 5,1 running 12.2 Monterey and Kickr Bike. No drivers required.

Bike is about 2 meters away from computer.

Computer is connected to wifi, not that this should matter.

Ok so I ran her logs in the analyser…44 diconnect on the ANT+ and 4 on UDP…

I reanalyzed my routers channels and it seems mine and the neighbours use channel 1 and 6 also…

(I forgot to mention, she want’s to use ANT+ because her garmin can’t broadcast the HR to zwift in bluetooth…)