Mac M1 looses ANT+ connection with the turbo trainer


Im having some issues when running zwift in my turbo trainer. It keeps loosing the signal with the turbo trainer (both ANT and BT).

I am displaying the last 3 seconds average power, and from time to time i see it suddenly falls, as if it was reading 0s. Also the heart band looses the signal from time to time.

In an older mac it works fine, so looks like its a compatibility issue with the Mac M1.

Is anybody else having the same problems?


These are the “classic” symptoms of RF interferences, the “classic” solution to which is check/update your WiFi channel.

(please update…)

Yep, this was my initial thought but, I’m the same location, same wifi, when using the older Mac, it works fine, so it only happens with the Mac m1

I have an M1 Mac on Monterey and can use both Bluetooth somewhat reliably and ANT+ seems to be rock solid. Distance between trainer and Mac is only a couple of metres though.

For me is less than 1m. I heard sometimes m1 can’t give enough power to USB ports so maybe it’s that?