Power dropouts / lag readings after update (mac ant+)

hi there,
i’m having issues with the ant+ connection after the last update. i’m running on a macbook pro 15 retina with an ant+ dongle to connect a kickr snap and wahoo heart rate.

feels like the connection is gone, or lagged, zwift still maintain the last power reading for some second, than it comes back (5-10s) or it drops off for real.

connected everything via bluetooth and also tested via companion bt and it worked fine, but i always used ant+ with no problems whatsoever (years now), in fact was always more stable than bt.

it’s not the dongle, tested on a pc and it worked fine.

so it’s not the trainer also, because it worked with the pc. it doesn’t know if it’s connected on a mac or pc.

and are not the usb ports, switched between them already and the problem persists. and i use them with other gadgets flawlessly.