Kinetic InRide Power Drops

I’m receiving several power drops on the Kinetic InRide Sensor in Zwift. I’ve contacted Kinetic for support and followed their usual items of replacing the battery and ensured I’ve closed out the Kinetic Fit app after calibration. I’m connected via Bluetooth to a Windows Laptop. My Wahoo HR and Wahoo cadence sensor don’t drop out. Is this just normal for an InRide sensor? Or, are their InRide users who don’t suffer dropouts. I’ve noticed that this is mostly in races where the power can fluctuate more than a steady state ride, which I don’t seem to get dropouts. I’ve moved my laptop very close to the sensor and there is no difference. There isn’t anything blocking the laptop and sensor, besides the trainer itself.

Any other suggestions?

I have an InRide sensor and I have no problems with dropouts.
I connect with Ant+ and use a USB extension cord.
Many local connection issues are related to Blue tooth.
Switching to Ant + is way more stable.

Thanks for the response. I forgot to include that I have the InRide 2, which only has bluetooth.

Can you move the trainer to a place in your house further away from other electronic devices?

Yes, I can try moving it. In the past, Bluetooth has worked fine with a power meter, HR and cadence in the same spot it is now. Is the InRide more sensitive to interference?

I don’t know anything about the sensor. I’m just trying to help you decide what the problem is or how to deal with it.