Problem to pair my bluetooth, last mount it was ok ...

(Eric Lavallee CCC) #1



I Use my computer and the Bluetooth HRM and Speed and cadence.


I have Zwift app on Iphone 5S, working by wifi with my computer


With Trainerroad 100%


but with Zwift, can’t paired.


The last month it was 100% pairing


Someone can help me???


I’m not happy, because I pay and I can’t use it


·         Do I need Ant+?





(Hans Bielat) #2

So I am having this same issue this week. 2 weeks ago no problem pairing. I am using Kinetic Inride BLE via the app on an Iphone 6 and a 2012 MacBook pro 10.10.5. So it takes awhile but eventually it will find the Inride on the paired devices page and show my power and cadence. Once I go to ride it drops after 3-5 seconds. I go back to “pair” and it once again finds the inride right away. But every time I go back to ride it just keeps dropping. I can stay on the paired devices page and it will not drop my power and cadence. Again, 2 weeks ago it was no problem.

Not sure if it is Zwift, zwift app on my phone, or something with the Bluetooth on my phone.


(Brandon Ingersoll ODZ (B)) #3

I am having the exact same issue pairing my Bluetooth Inride power meter.  Started over the last week.  I log in and it works for 20 seconds, then I get the dreaded yellow triangle and it can’t find Inride.  I have the lastest mobile app,  I have tried pairing via 2 different apple phones,  I have logged out of the mobile app and back in.  I have set my PC on high performance mode,  restored it to an earlier date where this didn’t happen.  

About ready to call it quits and go to Trainer Road full time.  I always connect 1st try over there, never had a power drop…


(Hans Bielat) #4

No problems the last 2 weeks. Here is what I do that now works everytime.

I ride with the Inride app for about 10 minutes. I skip the the warmup, pick a random workout, do the the calibration then ride for a few minutes. Then I open Zwift, then I open the app. I make sure the bluetooth icon is searching, however it won’t show Inride since the Inride app is still active on my phone. I then close the Inride app, your bluetooth icon on your phone will flash a few seconds but Zwift should find the Inride power/cadence within a few seconds. If your bluetooth dropped then you have to close Zwift, reopen the Inride app and do over. However, this only happened to me once. This morning I got right on. No probs, no drops during my hour ride.