Best sensor for my trainer?

Hey, I have a Kinetic Road machine which came with an inride power sensor (the black one) and a magnet.
I also use a Mac for Zwift if that makes any difference at all.

I’ve had nothing but problems connecting the sensor and have only managed to complete one ride. I realise that Kinetic have now released a new version of the inride sensor (the green one), but it’s out of stock.

I just want to be able to connect to Zwift easily and enjoy riding without having to troubleshoot every time I want to ride.

Should I wait for the new kinetic sensor to come into stock and buy that, or should I buy something like the Garmin speed and/or cadence sensor which can also connect with either ant+ and bluetooth?

Thanks in advance,

I use Kinetic too.
Have you previously used your InRide 2 without issues?
I recommend you stick with the InRide 2 sensor you have.
You will have to connect using blue tooth.
Are you able to connect to the kinetic app on your phone?
If so, then everything should be ok.
You must disconnect the sensor from the phone app prior to trying to connect to Zwift.

What problems are you having and can you give a complete run down of your system?
We may be able to help you.
The InRide sensors are very accurate.
I use Windows and not Mac.
I have used Ant + and bluetooth.

Hey Tim, thank you for your reply!
I’m only using the basic Kinetic road machine smart bike trainer, although I think the only smart thing about it is the InRide 2 which is attached. This trainer doesn’t connect to mains power.

I have managed to use the InRide without any problems only once, the other times Zwift doesn’t pick up the sensor at all or it says that it is connected ‘without signal’ and therefore my avatar doesn’t move.

The sensor always connects to the Kinetic app and I always calibrate and then close the Kinetic app before trying to connect to Zwift. I also check that it hasn’t connected via bluetooth to either my Mac or iPhone. I initially changed the battery to ensure that wasn’t a problem and the sensor is perfectly in line with the magnet,

I have tried to connect directly to Mac and also via the Zwift companion app, and I can usually get it to connect eventually but again it says ‘no signal’ and therefore I can’t use it. I haven’t tried to connect using ant+ if this is an option for the InRide 2.

Thanks again,

Make sure you disconnect the sensor while still in the kinetic app. Just closing the app may not disconnect the BT connection.

+1 what Chris stated.
While still in the app, go back to the sensor tab and click on the green chain link to disconnect.
Ant + is not available for InRide 2.

If your able to connect and disconnect from the app, then the sensor is working correctly.
I’m not sure if there are blue tooth issues with Mac.
Hopefully someone that uses Mac can give some suggestions.
I have never used the companion app as a bridge so I can’t help there.

You might have some blue tooth interference in the room.
People perform the Zwift analyzer to detect issues but I have done that so can’t tell about it either.

It would be a shame to not use the InRide 2.
The Kinetic platform is among the most accurate of setups.
It’s not interactive but it is accurate.