Best Way to Connect a Kinetic Road Machine or Rock and Roll trainer

Newbie here looking to get started. We have both a Kinetic Road Machine and a Rock and Roll. I’m looking for opinions on the best way to connect to Zwift with these trainers. Would Kinetic’s InRide using Bluetooth be the best route (it’s the most obvious but is it the best ?) or should I be looking to use a speed sensor and Ant+ ?

Looking for any pro’s and con’s to either choice.

Any and all input very much appreciated.

Many thanks


The best way would be via power meter on the bike. Next, probably the inride. Last, the speed sensor. A direct force power meter is always going to be the best choice because it’s going to be the most consistent and reliable. The pros are the aforementioned consistency and reliability as well as the fact that you also have power outdoors as well as in. The major con is cost.

The Kinetic Inride uses the same basic concept as virtual power/Z-Power (via speed sensor), but has the benefit of removing the tire/roller interface from the equation. That should result in much less error-prone and more consistent power than virtual power with a speed sensor, but still not as good as a power meter. Priary con is inability to use it anywhere except the trainer.

Last option is speed sensor. It works, but requires consistent tire pressure and roller tension for every ride, plus potentially wheel slippage issues, etc. 

If you are looking to get Zwifting and don’t want to spend a great deal on additional gizmos then all you need is the trainer, speed and cadence sensors on your bike that is ANT+ compatible, and the ANT+ usb adapter for your computer. I have been riding my KK rock and roll trainer since Zwift has been available with this same setup and I have been very happy with it. If you aren’t racing then the bike sensors is all you really need. 

Is the kinetic inride smart or smart control? And will it sense the gradient on zwift and change it on the trainer? And does it have ERG.