Integration with Kurt Kinetic InRide system

From what I gather, zpower is quite different than virtual power (at least how other companies have implemented it) and I am sure the developers at zwift have their reasons to not make it work the same. If there was a better way to get a repeatable way to measure zpower via the InRide system then I know that the results would be consistent. I may at some point buy a power meter but honestly I personally will most likely not train with a power meter outdoors since I typically ride with groups. If there is a way to calibrate zpower a different way, then there should be no need for the InRide.

I asked about InRide the other day and at present it doesn’t work as it relies on Bluetooth Smart not Ant+. I’m not sure whether you can run the InRide signal though a bridge device though?

Understood. The question is…will they?

I’ve had two and maybe a “half” successful rides on my Kurt kinetic Inride system using both the Bluetooth and tha ant+ but as of today, Zwift will not under any circumstances read the power, despite getting a strong signal from the ant+ dongle. After an hour of spinning and waiting for it to connect I gave up. Wattopia is nice and all, but when the rubber hits the road, I’m doing this to train, not play video games. Zwift, whats up with the trouble reading power despite acknowledging the presence of the ant+?