Zwift Power and Kurt Kinetic EXTREMELY low

(David Paull) #1

My power numbers in Zwift compared to inRide app are way off.

For the same perceived rate of exertion, 200 watts on the inRide app feels like about 130 watts in Zwift.

Is there anything I can do?


I have a Kurt Kinetic Smart trainer (t-2700 fluid) – it broadcasts the power, but I believe Zwift uses their own formula to calculate the power off of speed reported at the spindle.


I’m considering a power meter and just using this trainer in its “dumb state.”  I originally thought it was like maybe 10% low but it’s not – it’s definitely astronomically low.  This is a brand new one, so maybe Zwift algorithm’s are from the older trainer where you add the smart sensor on.  Not sure.



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi David,

If you pair your InRide via Bluetooth as a power meter then we just read the data being transmitted from that - no futzing - just like any other power meter or smart trainer.

(David Paull) #3

That is how I have it paired.


How can I struggle to keep at 130 watts in Zwift for 20 minutes, but hold 170-200 watts for 20 minutes in the inRide app at a zone 2/3 heart rate?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

We just read the data directly from the InRide as it acts as a power meter. How are you reading the data at the same time on your phone as you are on Zwift?

(David Paull) #5

I’m not.

But my FTP on Zwift is 123.  Which is about 95% of my 30 min max of 130 on Zwift, as calculate by Zwift.

Today, when Zwift with BLE was broken for my inride (from the latest update) I decided to do my recovery ride on inRide app instead.

If my all out max 20 minute effort yields 130 watts, why can I sustain 170 watts for 20 minutes using inRide.  I can pedal at 200 watts fairly easily using inRide, but pedaling at 150 watts in Zwift feels like I’m going to drop after a minute or two.

When I’m at the gym using one of their bikes I can also produce the same power, roughly 200 watts at a fairly comfortable pace.



What can you tell me about the older inRide sensor made by wahoo as opposed to the newer inRide sensor that the developers didn’t even know existed?  The one that is broken from this newest update from 2 days ago?  The one that the developer had to go out and find (because they didn’t know it existed) in order to get BLE working again with it?

I have the newer inRide sensor (that, according to the developers at Zwift looks exactly the same as the wahoo-made one, but acts completely different).

I bet that’s where the problem exists.