Kids only events and races + Zwiftpower for kids

Are there folks out there with kids who would like to see kids only events/races + Zwiftpower for kids? My son is really into zwift but always entering adult events. I think there is a market for this and Zwift could attract more kids especially during sheltering in place.


Yes please! Would love to have some u15 races!

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SAS put on a kids only event which is fairly popular downunder. Just searched for “kids” and got these …

Totally agree though, more events for them would be great (so they dont kick my **** in the races I enter).

Yes! Mainly for my ego when I see an U12 zoom past me in a race :joy:

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How long does it take to get a kids account? I sent a request a week ago. Seems like Zwift is dropping the ball (chain) in many areas right now.

Give it some time. It took a few days to get my daughter on Zwift, but that was a few months ago.