All kids races

I’m a 10 year old that just got into zwift but I already have a suggestion. I think it would be more fun if you race against your own age group. And if there were all kids races you could do that.

Hi @Gavin_Beals

That is a very good idea, I have seen some groups doing rides for kids.


HI @Gavin_Beals welcome to Zwift forums!

Agreed, that’s a great idea. We have a lot going on at the moment with Events in general and the Clubs in our FutureWorks lab. When both of those feature sets are more built out, then the steps to create an all-kids race becomes more doable. We ask for your patience!

So I’m going to move this thread to the Feature Requests board. Please have your friends upvote this topic by clicking on the word “Vote” in the upper left corner.


hi Gavin I’m 10 as well
Are there any kids races on Zwift now?
maybe we could arrange a meet up or join the same race?

Hi, there are several kids races available at Pursuit Cycling For Kids