Kickr V5 - "Connection disconnected"

New Kickr V5, ANT+ dongle (new) and Mac.

Have a lot of issues with “Connection Disconnected” during workouts, with ERG and without ERG. This happends on grouprides, races and workouts. The “Connection disconnected” varies from a few seconds, up to a minute.

I run zwift and kickr with the newest updates.

The ANT+ cable is only a few inches from the trainer.

The connection works superb with the wahoo app and TrainerRoad.

Others with this (zwift) issue?

This started for me on the latest update. “Connection Disconnected” on a banner at the top. I had never seen it before prior to the latest update a couple days ago. No change to my setup. It doesn’t seem to effect my ride. I still see my avatar. The power is still showing on the screen and I keep up with other riders. I am not sure if they still see me though. I do notice my placing dropped out on the group ride (i.e. placing readout might read ‘–/150’). The banner usually lasts for less than a minute. Seen it all rides since update.

Bluetooth and Windows 10, Stages SB20

generally these disconnects can come down to it being a connection issue with the internet but it might be worth putting the file into Zwiftalizer 2.0 and seeing what that says about it

I was under the impression that these new connection disconnect warnings have to do with trainers, power meters, HRM’s etc, that are paired to Zwift, not the internet connection.

Either way, Zwiftalizer will help show you what is wrong.

When I use the Zwiftalizer, it seems like the problem is Network Disconnects!

I’m showing ‘Latency Test failures’ & ‘TCP Network Disconnects’ on Zwiftalizer. Only on the rides I speak of the last couple days. Went back prior to Friday (the day I updated) and there is no such errors. Thoughts?

FYI, release notes say its all of them …


The number of disconnects is the key as well recurrence levels. A few now and then is fine but can point to a systemic problem in the network between you and Zwift. Reboot router is usually one that clears these but also reducing wifi interference around your devices can also help. Plenty of other tricks to isolate where the problem is too. Sing out if you need help.

Its a different banner. I’ve seen the power meter/HRM disconnection up in the corner many times since the Neokyo update. This one is across the top and says “connection disconnected” and I saw it the first time after this last update 2 days ago. Again, I haven’t noticed anything happening. My avatar keeps moving, I keep up with the pack, and it eventually disappears.

Oh right, yes, I know the one. Definitely network then. Odd that Zwift have left that one in.

Can you post a link to your zwiftalizer log file (It has a share button somewhere) … I’m keen to see how many disconnects you are getting - that msg used to come up for people that had fairly significant network issues during rides.

Thank you. I’ll reset the routers and see if that helps. I’ve never had a problem at all with my setup in 14 months and haven’t changed anything. The fact an update came out the same day is suspicious, but maybe just coincidental.

Seems to be a lot of connection issue coincidences around with the latest updates tbh!