Kickr + Tread - Connections

Anyone any ides why Zwift is trying to find a Wahoo Kickr and WahooTREAD when pairing / looking for my treadmill on my Bluetooth connections.

I don’t have a Kickr or Tread and never have.

I’m using an Apple TV.

Are you using the QZ app?

Well I’m trying too.

Is it QZ related?

Certainly is.

Looks like you’re nearly there.

Auto incline fully working.

I do have some more QZ questions.

Do I no longer use Zwift companion? And chose to connect via Bluetooth as opposed to by phone?

Also do I now connect my foot pod and hr monitor through QZ?

You don’t need to use companion to connect the devices no. You can still use the companion app for it’s normal use for the map etc…

You can connect your other devices through qz yes or direct to zwift as you did previously. It depends if you are going to use qz to link to strava. If so then connect them via qz otherwise you’ll be missing data. If you send your Zwift activity direct to strava then connect them direct to Zwift