Kickr snap no speed sensing

My kickr snap works great on ROUVY and performs spin downs via the wahoo app. On Zwift it shows wattage but no speed sensing. Unpaired all Bluetooth devices reset everything. I even have a spare head unit and same problem. I use an iPad to Zwift. Also, if I log in on my iPhone it works.

Hi @Roger_Bloom_WSR_Swee

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If it shows power then you should be moving. Zwift calculate speed from power

I can’t change trainer difficulty in the utilities screen

As Gerrie said, Zwift calculates your speed based on your power output. So, if you can see the power in Zwift, it would be very odd to not have any speed. As it sounds like you are using many different apps and devices, can you be sure you have ended all of the various sessions on all of the various devices, as well as force-closed all of the apps, and then try again to see if it works?

Have done all of that several times.I may be mistaken on calling it speed sensing. All I know is it doesn’t change resistance when I use my iPad. ROUVY works fine and wahoo app works fine.I can say when I log in on my phone it shows a the trainer number as kickr snap 46EF 107 and it works on that.
When I log in on my iPad the trainer comes up as kickr snap 46EF 90 .
Same trainer different numbers. I’ve also tried to unpair and repair several times.