Help A Noob With Kickr Snap & Zwift Understand If I’m Doing Something Wrong Or Not

I got my first Kickr Snap yesterday, and when setting it up on Zwift initially I wrongly selected Speed instead of Power. Then it gave me a trainer selection screen and unfortunately Kickr wasn’t listed. So I selected unlisted. My following ride then had way too much resistance - and didn’t seem accurate at all. I averaged 15mph over a section of Central Park that I normally average 18-19mph in real life.

I did some research and I learned I should’ve selected Power Source instead. However now when I do Power - there is no trainer selection screen following it. It just automatically picks up the Kickr Snap, selects it as controllable, and offers no further options.

I did another ride today, starting off as Power Source. And averaged 12.5mph on the Knickerbocker path - noticing that everytime a hill starts in the game, i increase my cadence and my power and my avatar slows down to basically a backwards walk.

I’ve done the spin down tests both via the Wahoo app and via Zwift (with spin down times of approximately 25-30 seconds).

I reached out to Zwift support - who told me to reinstall the app. I did that - nothing changed.

I did a quick 1 mile workout via the Wahoo app and noticed there’s barely any resistance then; however as soon as you launch Zwift the resistance on the trainer flies up.

My settings for trainer difficulty are at 50% as I never changed them.

This doesn’t seem very realistic at all. What am I missing?

Hi @Michael_Boguslavskiy, welcome to the forums.

What device do you use for Zwift and do you connect with bluetooth or ANT+?

Also, check this post out for help explaining how speed is determined.

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I am using Zwift on my iPhone. The Kickr pairs via BT i believe, and then my cadence and HR sensors (also Wahoo) - pair the same way I believe. Not sure how to check exactly.

I checked that thread - but can it really be such a drastic difference between real life speed on the same CP ride, and Zwift?

A few things to double check on your bike setup, tire pressure and how tight the snaps roller is against your wheel. You can also use a trainer tire that should reduce slippage.

The iPhone will only use Bluetooth, so you should be good to go.

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I’m still running my GP5k on it as I still actively ride outside. Closer to winter time I’ll swap to a trainer specific tire.

I did get it tight enough where it doesn’t slip at all. However spin down takes 30-35 seconds.

spindown time (in the wahoo app) should be 12-15 seconds – make sure the wahoo app number is what you’re using. if the spindown is higher than 15 seconds, you need to tighten the knob. lower means loosen the knob.

for me, i put a sharpie mark on the tension knob where it just barely touched the tire, and then did a full two and half turns using that mark as reference. this seemed insanely tight when i first did it, but it’s definitely correct in terms of feel, power measurement and spindown time.

i pump my tire to 120PSI BEFORE i tighten tension, and then i always (meaning every ride) re-inflate to 120PSI about 10 mins into a ride so that everything is warmed up. i usually did a spin-down after the 10 min warmup, too, though once a week or maybe once every 3-4 rides seems to be ok for spindown.

I’m gonna have to try this. I tighten till it doesn’t slip by hand, and I pump to 116psi every time whether it’s a virtual ride or an outdoor ride. That’s the max PSI listed on the sidewall.

Maybe i need to go tighter.