1st time with Zwift and Kickr Snap

(Don Kim) #1

So I used my brand new Kickr Snap for the first time last night, and I used it in concert with Zwift. First thing I noticed is that for the amount of effort I’m putting into pedaling, I’m not getting a lot of watts and speed. I’m getting about half of my usual wattage and 2/3 of my usual speed.The only time my wattage seems to be right is when I’m climbing, but my speed is still almost half for the effort I put into those grades. I am 260 lbs (118 kg). Could Zwifts algorithm for speed just be really off for heavy riders?


I figure that this could also be due to me not doing either of the spindowns, which I haven’t done because everytime I try, I end up not pedaling for 2-3 minutes while it’s still calibrating and I just start pedaling another 10 minutes and giving it another try, just for it to take a few minutes to do nothing and I give up on it again. I twisted that back knob for 2 full revolutions after initial contact with my wheel.


Any ideas?

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

Hi Don,

Please check the previous posts about the Kickr Snap:



Hope this helps. #rideon