My Watts Are Low On Zwift But Struggling To Turn The Pedals

Im new to zwift and have just bought a Wahoo Kickr Snap. When I hit the steep hills in zwift I can hardly get them. It feels as if my Kickr is putting out way more watts than zwift it showing. Anyone have any answers?

Answer is Zwift shows power in parrots, not in watts :slight_smile:

I did my first Zwift ride on my new Snap yesterday and didn’t experience any problems.

The obvious question is: did you perform a spin down on the Snap to calibrate before your Zwift session?

same here.  Check this thread :

shift down

no more gears:34-32 is easy enough outside at >10% not on zwift.  I recommend changing trainer-difficulty in set-up to compensate for the miscalibrated kickr if the spin-down doesn’t fix the problem