My Watts Are Low On Zwift But Struggling To Turn The Pedals

(John Miller) #1

Im new to zwift and have just bought a Wahoo Kickr Snap. When I hit the steep hills in zwift I can hardly get them. It feels as if my Kickr is putting out way more watts than zwift it showing. Anyone have any answers?

(Maxim Golyanitsky) #2

Answer is Zwift shows power in parrots, not in watts :slight_smile:

(DB Smith (65+)) #3

I did my first Zwift ride on my new Snap yesterday and didn’t experience any problems.

The obvious question is: did you perform a spin down on the Snap to calibrate before your Zwift session?

(Jerry Weiss) #4

same here.  Check this thread :

(John Clark USMES) #5

shift down

(Jerry Weiss) #6

no more gears:34-32 is easy enough outside at >10% not on zwift.  I recommend changing trainer-difficulty in set-up to compensate for the miscalibrated kickr if the spin-down doesn’t fix the problem