Power while climbing with Kickr Snap

 Hello all,

I have a Kickr Snap and I am detecting some weird measurements in my power output while climbing.
No matter how much effort I make, the speed and power reading is pretty low compared to what I am able to do in the outside world. For example, the AVM index measured by Strava in my normal rides is between 700 and 800 m/h. However, in Zwift I struggle to make even 500. One of my usual ridding mates, who I usually drop outside, and has Tacx Flow, drops without any effort in Zwift.

Is this something common with this Trainer? Could it be that the big fly wheel plays a role against me while climbing?

Thank you all!

Did you check that you have the Trainer Difficulty set at max

Hi Gerrie,
I have the default value, which I believe is 50%. I thought this parameter was only to avoid that your trainer is not able to simulate big slopes. I’ll try it! Thanks!

Unless you are one of the lucky ones then power accuracy on the Kickr Snap is a joke. At about 180 watts it will match a power meter but as target power increases the Snap will make the resistance harder and harder than it’s meant to be (verified with a power meter). I’ve had 2 Snaps and had this issue on both before getting a refund. Other Snap owners have had the same problem. I never actually tried the Snap on Zwift but assume in Sim mode similar unrealistic power outputs would be experienced.

I’ve been using a Snap on Zwift for over a year and never had an issue. It’s about 10 watts higher than my Stages PM but it’s consistently that all the time. I think it’s great and matches my Stages quite well at wattage over 200 watts. 

I have a similar issue. When i do group or training rides the power starts where it should and continues on the flats. As soon as i start to climb or there is a sprint, power target etc the power climbs untill my wheel starts to spinout or rises so high my wheel stops. I have verified all of this using a towertap hub. On climbs, my power on the snap is around 200-250 and my hub states 180…250…300… 350++++ spinout/stop. Really sucks as it means all of the stuff i payfor is unusable, group rides, training plans…

Think i’ll have to look for something that works unless a fix is found.