Kickr Snap, Ipad mini 4, Slow speeds

(Chris Nisbet) #1

Hoping for some help.  Completely new to turbo trainers and Zwift.

 I have a Kickr snap and am connecting to an Ipad mini 4 via blutooth to use Zwift.   

 I find the speed is all over the place.  Sometimes I can go all out and barely reach 15mph, sometimes I’m flying at 28mph and the speed drops even though I’m maintain the same effort on a flat.

 I’ve used the Wahoo app and performed spin downs etc but don’t seem to get a consistent level.

 Any ideas?


(Jason K) #2

If you’re having problems getting a consistent reading while doing a spindown in the app, it’s probably going to either be a problem with how your bike is on the trainer or with the trainer itself. I’d recommend confirming with Wahoo that everything is set up correctly and your trainer isn’t on the fritz first.