Kickr Snap speed seems too fast

(Michael Britton) #1

I seem to be having just the opposite problem that everyone else is having. This is my first ride with my new trainer. I have done the Advanced spin down one time then when I was ready to ride today I did the basic spin down. I have the difficulty set about 70% which feels good on the hills but in the flats or very little incline I feel I’m putting very little effort to go nearly 20 mph. Any ideas? Thx Mike

(Michael Britton) #2

A follow-up question. If I have a wheel speed sensor which speed sensor is zwift using, the wheel sensor or the wahoo trainer sensor?

(Michael Britton) #3

Another update since I’m the only one that seems to have this problem. I did a comparison. On zero grade my Garmin 520 with speed sensor showed a steady 10 miles per hour as did the Wahoo App. Zwift shows 14-15 miles MPH. Apparently there is some virtual tail wind following me around the course.

On hill climbs zwift shows me much slower than the other two devices. If I’m on a slope that my smart trainer can reproduce why is there some magic going on behind the scenes that makes it slower on hills. I would expect this if my trainer can only simulate 10% and I’m climbing 12%+ grade.  Thx