MTB Wahoo Kickr Snap Slow

Hi, I’m new to zwift and a beginner cyclist. I’m having trouble because I’m very slow on zwift and it’s not fun. I have a mountain bike with a 26 trainer wheel at 65 psi. My trainer is a Wahoo kickr snap. I did the calibration and I need to pedal like crazy to reach 24 mph. Is it normal…? is my setup ok …?

Check that you’ve followed all the instructions from Wahoo about how exactly to tension the roller against your tyre, and what pressure to use (might be an issue if they only tell you about road bike tyre pressure?).

Also, MTB gearing is usually low, so it can be an issue using one on a trainer for Zwift, and you may find yourself spinning out on the flats trying to keep up.

If you can get up to 24mph on your MTB on a flat road outside, then you should be ok with the calibration. But if it’s a struggle outdoors then it’ll be a struggle on Zwift too.

Finally, make sure you use the Wahoo app for calibration, not Zwift itself.


With my Snap, I occasionally have similar trouble with calibration. I’ve always been able to resolve it by shutting everything down — the Snap, the app — and restarting. Sometimes it takes a few times. It hasn’t been as much of a problem lately.