Wahoo Kickr Snap and avatar speed

Hi all,

Are there anyone who can guide me towards troubleshooting, why my avatar is so slow - I just bought a Wahoo Kickr Snap, i’ve done the spindowns both in Wahoo App and in Zwift. Im struggling to have a pace of 30kmh and when I really push myself i can probably get it to 37-38kmh - all at 0% gradiant. Wattage output will be about 500-600. Maybe im just weak, i dont know. But I can see people on youtube riding 30 kmh and putting in 60-100 watts without breaking a sweat. I’m approx 95 kg and 185 cm.

Does it seem right?

Plz help:)

Hi @Kenneth_Nielsen, welcome to the forums.

What type of bike do you have on the trainer?
Are you using a trainer tire on the rear wheel?
Have you ensured that the tire is at the correct pressure per manufacturer recommendations?
Have you ensured that the bike is installed correctly and tight enough (turned the blue dial on the back enough to put pressure against the tire)?
There are probably wheel circumference settings in the Wahoo app as well that you might need to set up.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the quick response!

I have a very old bike on the trainer (not the one I ride outside).
No i’m not using a trainer tire yet - just bought one though.
Yes I have a tire pressure of approx 7 psi.
The blue dial is turned twice after the wheel just touches the tire.
I found that the speed in the wahoo app, was accurate and felt right. It is only in the zwift app, that the speed seems a bit off:S

Hope this helps?


That bit doesn’t sound right unless they’re going downhill, no.

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Hi @Kenneth_Nielsen

Welcome to the forum.

  1. I see you are using a TT bike. The TT bike can’t draft so you don’t get that advantage.
  2. 500w to get to 37km/h seem reasonable for 100kg. But when you get to 37km/h you should be able to hold the speed with about 240w on a 0% grade.

Looking at one of your rides it look like you could hold 25km/h with 97w. That seem correct.

Try the Tempus Fugit route in Watopia it is nice and flat.

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do you mean 7 bar? 7 psi would be basically flat.

They probably won’t match, the Wahoo app doesn’t account for the virtual world of Zwift. Wahoo doesn’t know if you are going up or down a hill for example where the speeds in Zwift will change dramatically.


Your speed in the wahoo app and Zwift won’t match. The wahoo app does not know if you are in the draft or going up or down.

EDIT: What Mike said ^


Thank you for the responses - something just seemed off when setting it up. My old rides are with a dumb trainer and a Garmin speed and cadence sensor. Just felt as if I had to put in a lot of effort to get some speed. But I will try some longer flat rides this weekend and see if it gets a bit different.

And yes 7 bar sry - 100 psi:)

Thanks again:)

The new trainer is probably more accurate and closer to reality.


might be worth doing some spindown tuning in the wahoo app. for the snap, you want to make sure the tension knob is correctly set and that your tire PSI is consistent. also, you should spindown after the tire has warmed up for 10 mins.

see these threads for more details:

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