Speed low, avatar barely moving!

I am here pedaling as fast as i can, which would be close to 20mph outside. My avatar is barely moving, which is boring, and my speed says 4 mph. I’m using a kickr snap I bought today. Rouvy is slightly better but still underestimated. When I go ride in the Wahoo app, everything appears accurate.

Any ideas before I return it and cancel the apps?

Hi @Jeramie_Davis

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Did you pair the trainer as power source and controllable. Pairing Your Smart Trainer - Instructions | Zwift

What device do you use for Zwift? Blue tooth or ant+

What bike do you use.

I had it on power source but not controllable . Switched that and it helped a bit, so hopefully it will be enough to make the experience more enjoyable. Thanks.

Check that your FTP is set correctly.

What’s ftp?