Suddenly avatar stops moving

My avatar doesnt move, everyting is paired properly but the app doesnt recognizes my speed. also like an hour ago i was riding and everything worked properly when suddenly my avatar stopped. Now when i reboot the game and everyting else its impossible to find readings regarding speed. not on the zwift app, iphone or laptop. neither on my wahoo elemnt roam. the setup is connected via ant+.
tried it via bluetooth, same issues.

friendly greetings,
Mahieu Kevin

Hello @Kevin_Mahieu, welcome to the forums.

What sensors and trainer are you using? Could it be a dead battery or the magnet on the wheel not close enough to the speed sensor?

ant+ dongle ( tacx ) with a 3m long usb cord so the dongle is directly underneath the core
wahoo candance sensor. thats all
battery lights up green when i plug it in so dont think thats the issue.

also when i try do do a spindown om my wahoo elemnt app it does not recognize speed.

Try a different usb port, but if the wahoo app won’t recognize the trainer either then you might have a bigger issue and should contact Wahoo support

Contacted wahoo, hopefully they are able to fix this. Bought this trainer a week ago on a website for used products. He lost the warrenty ticket so, fingers crossed!
I rode it a couple times no problem, today the kickr core just failed. Bummer!