Kickr Snap - Cannot do advanced spindown on android

Hi Guys,

New to Zwift, smart trainers and trainers in general…but have been doing a bit of zwifting on the site.

Updates done via utility, connections no problem, using ANT + to connect to zwift. Power figures seem fair and can ride ok.

Few problems -

  1. Advanced spindown on the android app using bluetooth, I cant find away to do this at all, only the normal spindown via the fitness app.

  2. Running out of gears, always on the big ring + smallest 3 or 4 rings on the back on flats, no chance of doing a sprint. I mean pushing 200-300 watts I am on the biggest ring.

  3. Manually set the brakefactor on the app to 1.78 and now the spindown never changes that. I have to change the brakefactor manually to make any changes on that. Initially had it on 1.385 and same problem above.

Appreciate any help, thanks!


You need to get in touch with Wahoo support. However you may find that the advanced spindown is available on the Wahoo Utility app for Android. When I had a Snap I was able to do an advanced spindown from my Android phone. Pretty sure it was the Utility app rather than the Fitness app. Also make sure your Snap firmware is up to date.

In order to trigger advanced spindown on the app, you can follow the below steps.

Open the Wahoo Utility app > allow KICKR Snap to connect > tap on KICKR icon 10 times quickly > select perform advanced spindown > follow steps to complete advanced spin down.

If the above doesn’t work to trigger advanced spindown on your Wahoo utility app, you may need to install an older version.