Advanced Spindown

New to Zwift and I can’t find advanced spindown anywhere. Regular spindown is easy enough to find. Is this not an option anymore? Wahoo Snap

Hi @Joseph_Tasse, welcome to the forums.

I don’t know if this is the same for the snap, but on the regular Kickr and the Core, it is done in the Wahoo Utility app. Go into the app and choose your trainer from the list, tap the trainer icon on the top left of the screen 10 times and you will enter the secret factory spindown.

Zwiftinsider outlines a different way to access it, but I have used the Wahoo utility app.

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Thanks Mike

I’ve tried that a few times with zero luck. Then again it may be me. It’s a brand new Snap and it updated firmware as soon as I hooked it up. I’m starting to think it’s not a option anymore.

Why do you think you need to do a factory spindown? Are you having issues?

I think I am. Being so new I’m not sure. I don’t know much about watts etc but I feel like I’m riding up hill the whole time when I’m on a flat. And it doesn’t seem to be adjusting when I finally do go up a hill etc. kind of want a clean slate in case I goofed something up.

how are you pairing the snap to your device that runs Zwift, and what devices are you using?

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Blue tooth only device right now is the snap. No cadence yet. I’m hoping I made the right choice with the snap as opposed to the M2 saris

I meant device as in computer, PC, mac, iphone, apple tv, etc… what do you use to run the game?

Sorry Mike. I was using my phone, then my iPad. Ran out today and bought Apple TV.