Zwift, Kickr Snap, FE-C, and Wahoo utility

Running Zwift on PC & Wahoo Utility on Android Phone

I tried FE-C for the first time and was not able to do either Spindowns for my Snap.  The Standard would not show the Speed box and the Advanced would not complete the Coast function (2+ minutes).  

Wahoo chat says competing control of the Snap is probably the issue.  True??  Somewhere in the ride does Zwift have a “Suspend” function to complete the Spindown?  I never had a problem under ANT+ only.

Wahoo also advocates ANT+ only and not the FE-C.  I had the closest Normalized power number (Strava) when compared to my P1 pedals (Fenix 3).  Also control seemed a bit more realistic but that may be my fantasy. Zwift did miss my high power numbers (exceeded 600 watts for a couple of second) that did show on my P1 numbers.


Does Zwift have a Suspend/Pause mid-ride? I would hate to warmup for 15 minutes, back out of Zwift to do a Spindown, and have to start over.

Thanks, Chris

There’s no “suspend/pause” if you’re paired - but - you can unpair your KICKR and then do the spindown. The “A” key on your keyboard brings up the pairing screen at any time. Just unpair your KICKR, do the spindown, then pair again once you’re done. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jason.