Kickr producing too much wattage a few mile into rides on BLE, ANT and Companion App

A few miles into rides my trainer resistance drops and my wattage spikes roughly 100 watts consistently through the whole ride.
I’m connecting with a 2nd Gen Kickr, wahoo Tickr HRM, and wahoo cadence.
List of items I’ve troubleshooted:

  • Connecting through all three possible ways multiple times through rides (ANT, BLE on IOS companion, Native BLE on PC, also changed dongles/placements, and tried several combinations of sensor connections both before and during rides. Have tried not using hrm or cadence.

  • Not wahoo overheating, I’ve tried in different temps and this starts briefly after my rides (often 2-4 miles in)

  • Performed spindowns frequently and during rides, this does not reset the wattage to normal.

  • Have turned off other Bluetooth devices to check for interference .

  • Trainer not connected to other items. Trainer exhibits normal resistance when not on Zwift.
    Thanks for any help. I recently bought this trainer because my Tacx Bushido was also giving me higher wattage, this trainer is doing the same so I think it is related to sensors/Zwift. I’ve also reached out to Zwift via email and they told me to look for solutions here.